Cookies policy

All personal data requested on our website is collected for the sole purpose of properly administering Siens Translation activities. Never will it be used for other purposes or given to third parties. Siens Translation is strongly against “spam,” which means that in no case will we use your personal data to send unsolicited commercial communications without your prior authorisation.

We wish to inform you that our website uses cookies to analyse user browsing.

Cookies are files that are installed on the computer from which you are accessing our website, and their purpose is explained in this section. The application we use to obtain and analyse browsing information is Google Analytics: Google Analytics: and

This application, developed by 
Google, provides us with an analysis of our page’s viewers. Google may also use this data in the development of its own services and those it offers other businesses. You can read more about these other uses at the links cited above.

This tool does not obtain data such as the first or last names of users or the address from which they are connecting. The information obtained is anonymous and is derived from such things as the number of page visits, the language, the social network in which our news is published, the city that is assigned to the IP address from which users are accessing, the number of users that visit us, the frequency and reoccurrence of the visits, the time of visit, the browser being used, the operator or terminal type from which one visits.

We use this information to improve our site, to identify new needs and assess improvements to be made with the ultimate aim of providing better services to the users who visit us.

To permit, get informed about, block or delete the cookies that have been installed on your computer you can change the options of your computer’s browser.