What are the benefits of linguistic validation?

At Siens Translation we follow a linguistic validation process that, in addition to ensuring that a translation is technically correct, evaluates if the translated content complies with regulations.

Given that quality, linguistic thoroughness and specific knowledge are essential in highly regulated industries, we follow the most rigorous management processes in such cases.

The quality management process that we meticulously follow consists in:

  • Analysis and preparation.

  • Personalised determination of the best linguists and experts on the subject for evaluating your project.

  • Comprehensive and impartial evaluation of the translation.

  • Conducting a back translation, which consists in re-translating the translated document to ensure the highest quality and accuracy for our clients. We scrupulously look at the conceptual and cultural correspondence between the two texts (the original and the translation).

  • An impartial report on the quality of the translation, including the categorisation and classification of errors.

  • The translation and proofreading of any necessary changes.

  • Delivery of the final, validated version to the client.

Our linguistic validation service is a solution based on a control process to ensure that your communication needs are effectively satisfied.

This process includes the participation of independent linguists who are experts in the field and on the subject to be validated.

If you’d like to learn more about our linguistic validation service, please contact us.

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