What is software localisation and why does your company need it?

According to the Localisation Industry Standards Association (LISA), the concept of localisation is the adaptation of a product to make it compatible with the cultural standards of a local target market, including the specific language of that market.

This process goes beyond the mere translation of a product’s user interface, and it involves modifying or adapting the content of a source text to the cultural aspects of every country we want to reach.

At Siens Translation we want you to have peace of mind when internationalising your business, and we do this by providing personalised linguistic solutions that are adapted to every country where you want to market your goods or services.

When adapting projects, we use a localisation methodology based on a system of best practices that focuses on the quality of the translation, on project management, on the automation and consistency of the process, on flexibility and on customer service.

At Siens Translation we localise software products, websites and multimedia presentations.

The localisation process we offer includes:

  • Software evaluation and project planning

  • Linguistic planning, which includes the creation of glossaries, the consolidation of terminology and the creation of style guides

  • The extraction of content

  • File conversions

  • The translation and adaptation of content

  • The compilation of software and help files

  • Testing of the final product to guarantee that it operates perfectly, including functional, linguistic and cosmetic testing.

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