Why should you trust in Siens Translation’s machine translation?

The main advantage of machine translation is a reduced cost, in addition to a notable reduction in the delivery time.

To satisfy the ever-increasing demands for translations using machine translation systems, at Siens Translation we provide you with professional post-editing services for the main language pairs.

Through this process, we streamline the tasks of a professional, expert translator on the subject, who will invest more time in proofreading a machine-translated text so that it is true to the concept of the source text, so that it is legible and has a natural style and so that it is terminologically correct and consistent with the corporate content of your company.

We offer various options of post-editing services according to your needs:

  • Quick post-editing: the translator does a review of the translated text to ensure that it provides a basic understanding of the source text.

  • Complete post-editing: the translator proofreads the translated text and ensures that it is not only comprehensible but also stylistically in accordance with the source text.

Would you like to know what your users think about your brand, service or product?

Crowdsourced Translation is your solution: it involves the translation of content generated by the users of your portal and by those who interact on your social networks and blog through comments and opinions.

With the exponential growth of social networks and blogs in recent years, there is a huge wealth of more colloquial content available to companies. Many companies are looking for a way to take advantage of this diverse source of information in order to boost their brand and improve their image through multiple markets.

At Siens Translation we eliminate the barriers to adapting to this new style of content, and we help you to come up with an economically effective methodology through our Crowdsourced Translation Service. This service, managed entirely by our team, provides you with a quick and cost-effective translation of the content generated by users.

Would you like to know how we do it and how we can help you? Contact us.

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