How can our project managers help you?

Project managers are in charge of providing personalised service on your projects, therefore selecting the most appropriate linguists for your needs and monitoring the process from beginning to end.

Our project managers have a long history of managing translation and localisation projects. They have knowledge of languages and processes and have extensive experience using translation and terminology management tools.

Our managers specialise in the proactive management of resources and risks, they have excellent communication skills and extensive experience in project planning and follow-up, and they are completely committed to our clients.

Their skill as translation management advisers means that we can also guide you regarding the best way to tackle your translation projects.

The project management team holds weekly meetings to confirm that your needs and concerns are being scrupulously met. Moreover, experiences are shared to ensure continuous improvement and to favour the transfer of knowledge. Our secret is horizontal communication within the project management team, thereby allowing us to reduce costs and time.

A large part of the success at Siens Translation stems from our great project management capacity, our workflow process and our commitment to you.

We apply the following methodology to manage your documents in the project management process:

  • Project analysis

  • Planning: external and internal meetings, delivery scheduling, risk analysis and implementation

  • Preparation: management of files and linguistic assets so that resources can subsequently be assigned

  • Coordination: resource management, control of and follow-up on deliveries, resolution of and follow-up on problems and the drafting of status reports

  • Final QA and project delivery

  • Internal post-mortem analysis together with the client’s final assessment

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