Do you need to have your content validated to ensure that it is consistent with your corporate identity?

At Siens Translation we manage the terminological validation of your linguistic assets through a structured procedure, thereby relieving your internal personnel from the burden involved with the validation process.

Terminological inconsistencies in documents, whether in the source language or the target language, can have a significant impact on the global brand, on marketing time and on providing services.

Our Linguistic Quality Management solution is based on establishing common criteria of linguistic uses for which there is no regulatory framework or a consolidated translation at your company.


The solution you receive consists in consistent and standardised content throughout the various stages of a document’s life cycle. Moreover, it offers the following benefits:

  • A reduction of the time-to-market for a product or service by providing corporate terminology

  • The optimisation of costs by re-using content that has been previously translated and stored in our database

  • A reduction of the time employed by your company

  • Global brand consistency

Send us a project that requires validation, and we’ll offer you a personalised and free estimate. 

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